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By Published On: 7 months ago

FIFTY FIFTY Member Kina Returns to ATTRAKT

In the midst of an ongoing exclusive contract dispute, Kina, a member of the girl group FIFTY FIFTY, has returned to her agency, ATTRAKT. This marks a new phase in the dispute that has persisted for about five months and has led to divisions among the members.

On the 16th, Kina submitted an appeal to the Seoul High Court, Civil Division 25-2, presided over by Judges Kim Moon-seok, Jeong Jong-gwan, and Song Mi-kyung, which was in charge of the preliminary injunction against the effectiveness of the exclusive contract filed against ATTRAKT.

According to ATTRAKT’s former CEO, Kina met with him and expressed her intention to return to the agency. The former CEO stated in a phone interview with Sports Seoul on the 17th, “Kina came to me and said she wanted to return to the company. It seems she has suffered a lot mentally, and she looked like she might collapse, as if she had lost a lot of weight. She had been plagued by anxiety and symptoms of depression.”

The decisive reason for the rift among members of FIFTY FIFTY, which had been ongoing until the day before through social media accounts, was the alleged misappropriation of the rap lyrics for “Cupid,” a song written by Kina.

The former CEO mentioned, “All along, various forgeries related to An Sung-il, CEO of The Givers, such as educational background fabrication, were exposed through the media. While Kina found out about these allegations through the media, she became suspicious. It appears that Kina, too, has been contemplating these issues after seeing them reported in the media.”

The former CEO expressed his happiness and gratitude about Kina’s return and stated, “We are glad and grateful that she has returned. We will discuss Kina’s future separately.” He added, “Regardless of this, the lawsuit against The Givers will continue.”