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By Published On: 9 months ago

“Fantasy Boys’ Side Speaks Up: Junwon’s Mother Protested Against Airport Fashion and Member Lineup”

Amidst Junwon’s departure from the group Fantasy Boys due to unreasonable contract clauses, allegations have emerged that he not only demanded better profit-sharing conditions than other members but also excessively interfered with the agency’s operations.

According to a representative from Pocket Doll Studio, the management company responsible for Fantasy Boys, “Despite being an adult, Junwon’s mother co-signed the contract, and he insisted strongly that the details of the contract be discussed with him directly rather than through his son.”

Furthermore, the representative claimed that Junwon’s mother also tried to intervene in matters such as airport fashion, which is usually handled by stylists, and the arrangement of members on stage, typically managed by on-site staff.

During an airport appearance, Junwon wore ill-fitting pants and carried a bag from a non-endorsed brand. Despite winning first place in ‘Fantasy Boys,’ he expressed dissatisfaction for not being placed at the center of the lineup in some photos featuring the members.

In addition to these claims, there is a discrepancy between Junwon’s and Pocket Doll Studio’s positions regarding whether there were indeed unfair clauses in the contract related to Junwon’s departure from Fantasy Boys.

Recently, Junwon appointed legal representation and filed for an injunction to suspend the effect of his exclusive contract at the Seoul Western District Court. Fantasy Boys, now reorganized with members Kim Gyu Rae, Hong Sung Min, Oh Hyun Tae, Lee Han Bin, Linchi, Kang Min Seo, Hikari, Soul, Kim Woo Seok, Hikaru, and K-Dawn, forming an 11-member group, has confirmed their debut on the 21st of next month.