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By Published On: 3 months ago

Fan signing event of NewJeans in China

The girl group ‘NewJeans’ is holding a fan signing event in Beijing, China, this weekend.

According to industry sources on the 18th, NewJeans will host a fan signing event with about several hundred local fans who have been invited in advance at a hotel in downtown Beijing on the 23rd.

A well-informed source familiar with this matter said, “It is understood that the pre-invitation list is mainly composed of enthusiastic fans who have purchased a lot of NewJeans albums and goods.”

Many local Chinese fans reportedly spend millions to tens of millions of won on albums and goods to be invited to fan signing events of K-pop idol stars.

In January, CNBLUE member Jung Yong-hwa held a fan signing event in China. Last year, groups like Stray Kids, LOONA, and (G)I-DLE also held fan signing events.

Despite the ‘hallyu ban’ in China, the popularity of K-pop remains strong, leading to a trend where domestic idol stars communicate with fans through local fan signing events instead of concerts.

With the successive visits of K-pop stars to China, there is growing interest in whether the hallyu ban will be lifted within the year and whether K-pop performances in China will resume.