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By Published On: 9 months ago

Daniel Henney marries with Lou Kumagai

Actor Daniel Henney (44) has tied the knot. His agency, Echo Global Group, announced on the 20th, “Daniel Henney has met a precious connection he wants to spend his lifetime with, and they have achieved the beautiful result of marriage.”

According to Echo Global Group, Daniel Henney’s bride is Asian model and actress Lu Kumagai, who is active in the United States. Daniel Henney and Lu Kumagai were involved in dating rumors once in April 2018.

At the time, Echo Global Group, who had denied their relationship, explained, “The two, who were friends, gradually developed into a couple and recently held a quiet wedding with both families. We ask for your understanding that we were unable to deliver the news in advance.”

They added, “Before being an actor, Daniel Henney made a thoughtful decision as an individual. We ask for warm blessings and support for Daniel Henney and Lu Kumagai, and both Daniel Henney and the agency will do their best to respond to the kind thoughts from fans.”

Daniel Henney is a certified handsome actor who shuttles between Korea and the United States. He gained significant popularity with the drama ‘My Lovely Sam Soon’ in 2005. He went on to appear in various works, including dramas like ‘Spring Waltz’ and ‘Fugitive: Plan B,’ as well as films like ‘My Father,’ ‘The Spy,’ and ‘Confidential Assignment 2: International.’ He also made a name for himself in South Korean entertainment programs such as ‘I Live Alone,’ ‘Tasty Guys,’ and ‘SNL Korea.’ In the United States, he left a strong impression with the ‘Criminal Minds’ series.