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By Published On: 7 months ago

“Confident in Global Trend”… ‘Vigilante’, a K-Dark Hero Series

Disney+ presented “Vigilante” on the 6th at the Grand Ballroom of the Grand Intercontinental Hotel in Gangnam, Seoul, discussing the series. The production presentation was attended by director Choi Jeong-yeol and actors Yoo Ji-tae, Lee Joon-hyuk, and Kim So-jin.

Set to premiere on the 8th, “Vigilante” portrays the story of Kim Ji-yong, who lives as a model police academy student upholding the law during the day but becomes a vigilante who directly judges criminals evading the law at night. Various characters with different beliefs and goals fiercely clash and intertwine in this action thriller. Director Choi Jeong-yeol introduced the series, saying, “The meaning of ‘Vigilante’ is a self-defense corps, a vigilante. It’s a work where charming characters with different beliefs and goals fiercely collide and become entangled.”

Based on the popular Naver webtoon with a cumulative global view count of 370 million, the series offers an exciting dark hero story while addressing social issues related to law and justice.

Director Choi mentioned the adaptation of the original webtoon: “I wanted to bring the real scenes to life and make the ending satisfying. I also tried to capture the characters’ charm and relationships, especially because the webtoon had a vast story. To fit it into an eight-episode series, I focused on maintaining a brisk pace with impactful and compact incidents.”

The series will feature a dynamic synergy created by actors Nam Joo-hyuk, Yoo Ji-tae, Lee Joon-hyuk, Kim So-jin, and others, who will fully develop their respective characters, adding weight and tension to the drama. Nam Joo-hyuk takes on the role of Kim Ji-yong, a model police academy student who turns into the vigilante “Vigilante” at night, while Yoo Ji-tae plays the role of Jo Heon, the “Vigilante” pursuer and the head of the Metropolitan Investigation Team.