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By Published On: March 29th, 2023

Chuu And BlockBerry’s Legal Dispute Over Exclusive Contract Prolonged After Failing To Reach An Agreement

After receiving a notice of expulsion from LOONA and deciding to stand alone, member Chuu and her agency, BlockBerry Creative (hereinafter referred to as “BlockBerry”), were unable to reach an agreement despite the court’s efforts at mediation.

Chuu was the only member of LOONA to file a lawsuit against BlockBerry seeking to confirm the non-existence of the effect of her exclusive contract. While other members filed for an injunction to suspend their entertainment activities, Chuu submitted both the injunction and the main lawsuit, clearly indicating her intention to completely terminate her contract with BlockBerry. Eventually, in March 2022, she won a partial victory in the injunction lawsuit against BlockBerry.

The main points of contention in this lawsuit were the settlement of activities and the breakdown of trust between the two sides. In particular, BlockBerry submitted letters of apology to the Korean Entertainment Management Association (KEMA) and the Korean Entertainment Producers Association (KEPA), requesting a ban on entertainment activities, as issues related to the injunction lawsuit were cited. Afterward, BlockBerry indefinitely postponed LOONA’s comeback in January, stating that “comeback activities are meaningless without resolving various concerns regarding the members’ situation.”