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By Published On: March 16th, 2023

Chinese server stops after illegally watching ‘The Glory’ becomes a habit of ‘stealing and watching’

Part 2 of the Netflix original series “The Glory” is being illegally distributed in China following Part 1. It is urgent to find an alternative to prevent illegal distribution of Korean content becoming commonplace in China.

On the 14th, Professor Seo Kyung-deok of Sungshin Women’s University reported on the situation of Part 2 of “The Glory” being circulated on a Chinese media platform, saying, “Piracy is once again rampant in China.” He added, “Illegal distribution of Korean content has now become commonplace in China,” and “The same goes for Part 1 of ‘The Glory,’ and it has become a habit for people to illegally download and watch popular content such as ‘Squid Game’ and ‘Vincenzo’.”

On the Chinese social media platform Douban, a review screen was created for Part 2 of “The Glory” even before its release, and the number of reviews currently exceeds 140,000, according to Professor Seo. In addition, after the release of Part 2 of “The Glory,” the server of the illegal Chinese content distribution site Hanjoo TV (韩剧TV) was also paralyzed.