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By Published On: March 16th, 2023

Casino 2′ overwhelmingly popular, surpassing Season 1 in popularity… ‘Overwhelming buzz

“Surpassing the record set by the first season of ‘Casino’, the overwhelmingly popular and unique box office power of Season 2 is making new history. In addition, explosive attention pouring from foreign media such as Forbes, Newsweek, and NextShark is adding to the success of ‘Casino’ Season 2, drawing attention to the series. Foreign media is praising the actor Choi Min-sik, who plays the leading role of ‘Cha Mu-sik’ in the series, saying things like “It’s hard not to focus every time Choi Min-sik appears!” (Forbes), “Working with Choi Min-sik already proves that he has gained international stardom” (NextShark), “Choi Min-sik once again demonstrates his legendary status and career as a Korean veteran actor” (Newsweek), and “Choi Min-sik breathes life into his character and shows the class of a veteran actor” (LIPURAN6), which is attracting attention.”