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By Published On: 11 months ago

BTS’s V: “I Was a Bit Ambitious with My First Solo Album… Min Hee-jin Actively Incorporated My Ideas”

On the 8th, V’s agency, Big Hit Music, released a video in which V introduced his first solo album, “Layover.”

V expressed that he had high ambitions for his solo album. He stated, “Since it’s my first solo album, I had a lot of concerns. I worked hard with the intention of showing a new side of myself. I’m usually not one to be ambitious, but I became ambitious for this.”

He went on to describe “Layover” as an album that reflects his tastes 100%. He said, “In a nutshell, this solo album is about finding myself. You might discover a new side of V that you didn’t expect, saying, ‘Oh, this is what V is like?’ Onstage, it’s been flashy, but I made an effort to remove the flashy elements and show my true colors as a person.”

V also mentioned that he went back to vocal training from scratch for the release of his solo album. He said, “I started from the basics, including vocal exercises, and tried to fill in my shortcomings. I put everything I love and do well into this album.”

Regarding “Layover,” V revealed that he collaborated with producer Min Hee-jin, who oversaw the entire project. He said, “This was our first time working together, and even though it was our first encounter, we got along well. I was looking for someone who could maximize my sensibilities and tastes for my solo album, and Min Hee-jin producer came to mind. I contacted her first, and as a result, we created a fantastic album.”

Furthermore, V shared, “During our collaboration, I shared my opinions down to the smallest details with Min Hee-jin producer. Instead of feeling like we had to compromise, it felt like we were both so fond of each other that we worked together enthusiastically. I shared a lot of ideas that came to my mind, and they were all actively incorporated, resulting in a great outcome.”

Reflecting on the planning and conceptualization of his solo album, V admitted, “I had a lot of thoughts about what kind of music I should create and what image I should present. I had many discussions with Min Hee-jin producer about the direction of my solo album, and after our conversations, we decided on the album title ‘Layover.'”

He concluded by expressing his hope that his first solo album would become a significant milestone in achieving his ultimate goal. V said, “I hope my solo album becomes a stepping stone toward firmly establishing my final goal. So, I focused on music that I’m good at and love. Rather than taking a direct flight, my ultimate goal is to transfer step by step, take breaks along the way, introduce different types of music, and gradually move toward my final goal. That’s why my solo album ‘Layover’ may be modest but carries genuine emotions.” V’s passion for his solo album was clearly evident.