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By Published On: March 31st, 2023

BTS: “Filed More Lawsuits Against Malicious Commentors Who Feels No Guilt… No Settlement Or Pardon”

Big Hit Entertainment (HYBE) has announced through fan communication community Weverse that they are regularly taking legal action against malicious posters who engage in defamation, insults, sexual harassment, spreading false information, and other forms of malicious behavior against BTS. “We would like to inform you of the progress related to this matter,” they said.

Big Hit stated, “Based on evidence gathered from reports by fans and our own monitoring of defamatory and slanderous posts, we have submitted multiple complaints to investigative agencies.” They added, “Acts of insulting artists through the spread of clearly false information, particularly on certain sites, have become more severe. We are well aware that the types of malicious postings are changing.”

“Even if they are created in a cunning way to avoid the law, we are strictly applying legal provisions that match the types of each post to ensure that suspects face legal judgment. We also warn that for individuals who continue to post even after receiving ongoing investigation for posting numerous malicious posts in the past without any signs of remorse, we will catch and collect all new posts and submit them to the investigative agencies.”

Big Hit emphasized that “the collection and reporting of malicious posts against BTS and legal responses will continue. We clearly state that we will take strict action against suspects without any agreement or leniency to eradicate criminal acts against our artists.”