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By Published On: 8 months ago

‘BTS Dance Teacher’ Dismissed from HYBE after Uncovering a 5 Billion KRW Fraud

‘BTS Dance Teacher’ Dismissed from HYBE after Uncovering a 5 Billion KRW Fraud

A dance trainer known for working with BTS has been fired from HYBE for alleged fraud and embezzlement.

According to the music industry on the 21st, HYBE became aware of the misconduct of dance trainer A, affiliated with their label Big Hit Music, and conducted an investigation. Subsequently, A was disciplined and dismissed through a process involving the exclusion of duties and the personnel committee. HYBE stated, “As soon as we became aware of the misconduct of the dance trainer affiliated with Big Hit, we conducted an objective investigation based on the advice of an external law firm and took disciplinary action.” The company is currently undergoing legal procedures after filing a criminal complaint for the damages incurred.

A, also known as a dance teacher for BTS, is accused of embezzling tens of billions of won from various individuals under the pretext of investment, including composers, choreographers, and entrepreneurs. Additionally, A is facing charges of identity theft and forging documents. The estimated amount embezzled by A is approximately 50 billion KRW.

HYBE stated, “This is an act of individual misconduct by a member that violates the company’s regulations on military service and employment rules. The company strictly prohibits members from using internal information, positions, or duties to gain personal benefits through illegal or unfair means.”