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By Published On: 7 months ago

BTOB’s contract renewal with Cube Entertainment has effectively fallen through

BTOB’s contract renewal with Cube Entertainment has effectively fallen through. According to multiple sources on the 6th, BTOB’s exclusive contracts with Cube ended last week, and the group has decided not to pursue a renewal.

However, it’s reported that the reason behind the failed contract renewal is not related to the previously mentioned contract deposit issue.

It was previously rumored that BTOB presented a collective contract deposit of 6 billion KRW to Cube as they approached their second contract renewal. While there was indeed significant interest from multiple companies due to BTOB’s rare combination of singing, performing, and producing skills, as well as their involvement in entertainment and acting, the group was determined to keep all members intact and had worked out the final contract deposit terms with Cube. However, during this process, Cube requested that they share a portion of the team’s overall revenue in exchange for using the BTOB trademark, which led to the breakdown of negotiations.

In connection to this, Cube Entertainment mentioned, “Regarding the trademark issue, discussions with the members began about two months ago. During this time, the members had been in contact with various planning agencies for exclusive contracts and had not discussed the trademark with Cube. Only recently, multiple planning agencies inquired about the trademark, prompting us to discuss the matter with the members for quick resolution.”