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By Published On: 7 months ago

Brown Eyed Girls member Narsha is making a comeback in the music industry after 13 years.

Her agency, Starit Entertainment, announced on October 27, “Singer Narsha will be releasing a single album on November 18 and making a comeback.”

This upcoming song is Narsha’s solo track that she will release 13 years after her 2010 release, “Pi Ri Pa Pa.” It’s a ballad song that showcases Narsha’s distinctive and captivating voice.

What makes this comeback special is that Narsha’s childhood influence and admired artist, Dues Lee Hyun-do, has produced the album. Narsha approached Lee Hyun-do herself, and they worked together on the album’s direction, resulting in a high-quality album.

Narsha expressed her desire to convey her apologies to fans who have been waiting for this album for a long time. She aimed to focus on making the work enjoyable and stress-free, rather than dwelling on the 13-year gap.

Narsha commented on her comeback, saying, “This album is being released 13 years after my first solo song, and as time passed, I had many concerns. The most challenging part of this album project was getting rid of the feeling that the album work was like an unsolvable homework or mission as time passed. Working on songs with senior Lee Hyun-do was a driving force for me to break the long hiatus, and it was a time when I could draw even more inspiration.”

She humorously added, “I’m actively working on the album project that will be released next year, so I hope fans who have been away will return. I want to let everyone know that I haven’t retired yet.”