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By Published On: February 21st, 2023

“Boys Planet”, Promised To Play Fair… Favouritism Still Persists: The Shadow of “Produce 101”

“Boys Planet” piloted on Feb. 9th, is currently 3 episodes in. The show divides Korean and international trainees into two teams, called K-Group and G-Group respectively, where they participate in various tests such as “Star Level Test”, “Signal Song Test”, and “Team Battle Missions” between K and G groups. The editing of scenes and the overall production of the show displayed a significant similarity to the “Produce 101” series; the difference in the duration of the time where certain trainees were shown longer on-screen than others was apparent enough for the viewers to recognize who the staff members’ favourites were. The “Produce 101” series have been under fire in the past for their favouritisms and show manipulation, to the point viewers coined the term “Director’s Pick”. It points out that it is biased and discriminatory because such manipulation of screen time between certain trainees has a massive effect on their final debut group decision.