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By Published On: March 21st, 2023

‘Boys Planet’ Chinese trainee, this time talking in front of Chinese… Endless noise

A trainee from China appearing on Mnet’s ‘Boys Planet’ is being criticized by public opinion for ignoring the words of a trainee who does not speak Chinese and talking in Chinese or insulting the trainee in Chinese in front of the person concerned while performing the mission.

In ‘Boys Planet’, which was released on the 16th, the stage of ‘Feel Special’, which included Cha Jin-shin, Zhang Shuai-bo, Cha Woong-gi, and Lee Dong-gun, was broadcast.

On this day’s broadcast, Cha Woong-gi received reviews such as “Cha Woong-gi completely carried it hard” and “Cha Woong-gi must have been difficult because he did the entire chorus alone”, but the rest of the members received harsh criticism. The masters said, “It seems that there are sections where falsetto and true voice come and go, but none of them are organized”, “On broadcasts, the camera only catches here and there, so are you thinking of skipping it?”, “There is no preparation at all. “, expressed disappointment.

Previously, Chinese trainees Zhang Shuaibo and Cai Jinxin talked about not preparing properly. Zhang Shuaibo told Cai Jinxin, “If it really doesn’t work, the production team will help. We can’t have the four of us standing on stage blankly.”

After hearing the harsh criticism and stepping off the stage, Cai Jinxin and Zhang Shuaibo started talking in Chinese with Cha Woonggi in front of them.

Cai Jinxin said, “Our team was really scolded,” and Zhang Shuaibo, who heard this, replied, “I think it’s natural.”

Zhang Shuaibo added, “When (Cha Woong-gi) was making the choreography, he didn’t tell us what it was about, and we never agreed. It’s only natural that this situation has come to pass.”

This is not the first time that a Chinese trainee has become a problem by communicating only in Chinese with a member who cannot speak Chinese. Last month, a member of American nationality was alienated.

Trainee NA KAMDEN He was selected as the leader because he was fluent in Korean, but he was alienated because the team members communicated in Chinese. In the process of meeting for part distribution, NA KAMDEN couldn’t understand what the Chinese members were saying, so they asked in English, “What are you guys talking about?” He complained of frustration and shed tears.

Can trainees who gossip about Korean members in Chinese and alienate members who cannot speak Chinese can truly be loved in Korea? Viewers have no choice but to doubt the sincerity of those who want to succeed with K-pop.