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By Published On: 12 months ago

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, in the midst of working hard, says, “There are times when you have to stop in life.”

On the 29th, a video titled ‘BAKING ONE DAY CLASS’ was released on YouTube channel ‘Happiness Jisoo 103%.’

In the video, Jisoo revealed her excited expression, saying, “When you eat a creamy and fluffy soufflé cake, it’s so fluffy that you experience a small but certain happiness.” She added with a laugh, “But, while making it, if you get angry, then that small happiness disappears.”

Continuing happily, Jisoo spent time making soufflé cakes and later tasted pancakes with excitement. However, the results didn’t turn out as fluffy as she expected. Jisoo looked surprised and said, “So, there are times when you have to stop in life. As you live, there are moments when you have to stop.”

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK, the group to which Jisoo belongs, recently announced a collaboration product with Starbucks.