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By Published On: 6 months ago

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Holds Hands with Older Brother… New Leap into ‘Entertainment Business’

It is anticipated that BLACKPINK’s Jisoo will embark on individual activities under a family management system by holding hands with her older brother.

Jisoo is set to make a fresh start by joining her older brother’s brand “Biomom,” a health functional food brand for infants and toddlers.

Recently, Biomom drew attention by releasing a job posting for Blissoo career positions, conceptualizing a new business expansion with Jisoo at the forefront. The recruitment announcement, which includes hiring positions from video content managers to experienced staff in artist security, suggests the expectation that Jisoo will take charge of the overall entertainment management industry.

In particular, alongside the job posting, the statement read, “An encounter between an artist and a startup that one wouldn’t easily experience in any other company. We are rapidly expanding the entertainment business domestically and internationally to ensure the love of K-pop fans along with the artist’s growth.” This statement, accompanied by Jisoo’s photo, revealed the determination to expand the entertainment business.

In the industry, there have been discussions about Jisoo continuing her individual activities in a one-person agency structure after leaving YG Entertainment. Given Jisoo’s close relationship with her older brother, it is expected that she will establish a family management system, departing from YG, and continue to diversify her career with synergy.”