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By Published On: 9 months ago

BLACKPINK’s Jennie raised fans’ concerns by eating a small amount of food.

Recently, Jennie released a ‘Cannes Vlog’ on her YouTube channel. In the video, she captured the moment she walked the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, where she made her acting debut in the HBO series ‘The Idol.’

During an interview for ‘The Idol,’ Jennie drew attention as she ate a small cup of instant noodles while getting her makeup done. She said, “It tastes good,” and continued to eat the noodles, mentioning that she couldn’t blow on them because of her makeup, so she had to eat them quickly.

Notably, Jennie used two straws instead of chopsticks to eat the noodles, which caught people’s attention. When asked if they were chopsticks, Jennie clarified, “No, they are straws. I couldn’t find chopsticks here at Cannes, so I’m using straws to eat the noodles.”

While eating from small dishes, Jennie suddenly exclaimed, “Come to think of it, I didn’t eat rice yesterday!” expressing her surprise.

Despite only eating about half of the small cup of noodles and a few spoonfuls of other dishes, Jennie stopped her meal. With a smile, she declared, “Mukbang (eating broadcast) is over.”

Jennie made her first attempt at acting through ‘The Idol,’ but the series received mixed reviews and faced controversies regarding its content and appropriateness.