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By Published On: 6 months ago

BabyMonster to Debut as 6-Member Group on the 27th… “AHYEON to Take a Break Due to Health Reasons

YG Entertainment’s rookie group BabyMonster is set to make its official debut as a 6-member group.

According to an official press release from YG on November 15, BabyMonster, consisting of members Luka, Parita, Asa, Haram, Lora, and Chikita, will release their debut music video and song simultaneously on November 27.

YG revealed that AHYEON, who has been preparing with the group, has decided to take a temporary break due to health reasons after careful consideration.

While expressing regret at not being able to introduce Ah Hyun as part of BabyMonster, YG stated, “We made this decision to prioritize the artist’s health. We will spare no effort to support AHYEON’s full recovery and return in good shape.”

YG is putting all its efforts into ensuring the successful debut of BabyMonster. YG’s solid producing system, which has led the K-pop market for a long time, is in full swing.

Through its song camp, YG secured high-quality songs from global songwriters and went through a meticulous selection process. YG’s senior artists and internal producers have joined forces to create a dream team.

The teaser content featuring the visual expressions of the members has already generated high expectations from music fans. Despite their young age, the members showcase a distinctive and powerful expression within YG’s characteristic hip aura, making them suitable representatives for YG’s next-generation girl group.

BabyMonster is YG’s first girl group announcement in about 7 years, following BLACKPINK. The vocal, dance, rap, and visual capabilities of the six members, revealed through their debut reality show, are considered top-notch, shaking up the K-pop scene as a formidable rookie. The group has received global attention, with Billboard designating them as a “K-pop artist to watch,” forecasting a new wave in the K-pop genre.”