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By Published On: 9 months ago

After the dispute with This Month, ODD EYE CIRCLE starts anew, with the possibility of a complete group activity with upgraded looks and skills.

After resolving their contract dispute with their previous agency, Odd Eye Circle is embarking on a new beginning with a new album under a new agency. The members of Odd Eye Circle have expressed their gratitude for the growth they have achieved. They also mentioned the possibility of full-group activities with the members of LOONA.

On the 12th, the showcase for Odd Eye Circle’s new mini-album, “Version Up,” took place at Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul’s Gwangjang-dong.

Odd Eye Circle is a sub-unit of LOONA and debuted with their first mini-album, “Mix&Match,” in 2017. This new album, “Version Up,” is being released after Odd Eye Circle moved to their new agency, MODHAUS.

Kim Lip introduced the album, saying, “It is the most distinctive Odd Eye Circle album. If you’ve loved genres that were not typically K-pop, you will enjoy it.” When asked about Odd Eye Circle’s unique music style, they explained, “Various genres and a worldview and story created together with the public.”

Choerry expressed her thoughts, saying, “Since it’s been a while since our comeback, I will do my best to create precious memories with the unnies and fans.” Jinsoul added, “Since it’s been a while, fans must have high expectations, and I will repay them.” Kim Lip shared an update, saying, “We have been preparing for a new album after joining the new company. We have also been busy preparing for our European tour, as we will be going on a European tour.”

After winning their legal battle with their previous agency, Odd Eye Circle will release a new album under their own name. All members of LOONA left their previous agency, Blockberry Creative, through actions such as requesting an injunction to suspend the effectiveness of their exclusive contracts. Kim Lip stated, “We will probably continue using the name Odd Eye Circle.”

The members also mentioned the possibility of full-group activities as LOONA. Kim Lip mentioned, “We haven’t disbanded, so we are open to the possibility. However, we cannot use the name LOONA as we please. But we are open to the possibility of activities.”