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By Published On: 6 months ago

After 13 years of musical significance, Naver OnStage is exiting the stage this November.

After 13 years of musical significance, Naver OnStage is exiting the stage this November.

The ‘OnStage Local’ program, in partnership with OnStage, is also concluding its services. Naver OnStage, operated by Naver Cultural Foundation, is a project supporting indie musicians, providing live video content since November 2010. Known for its motto “Discover hidden music, meet the world,” OnStage frequently featured indie musicians from various genres, including rock, hip-hop, jazz, electronica, folk, and traditional Korean music.

The platform showcased artists, both indie and well-known stars, all carefully selected by planning committees of music critics, journalists, and industry experts who debated and decided which artists to feature and present on the stage.

What made OnStage unique was its focus on allowing artists to exhibit their charm in a high-quality audio and visual setting. The minimalist stage design, featuring artists singing and performing within a square frame, became an iconic image of OnStage. It was a go-to platform for discovering new music in the Korean indie scene and, at times, for gaining confidence in emerging artists.

Naver Cultural Foundation, the organization behind Naver OnStage, stated, “For 13 years since Naver OnStage’s inception, various live video platforms have emerged, making it easier for anyone to create video content and directly meet music fans. Naver OnStage fulfilled its mission.” In response to concerns about profitability leading to its closure, Naver Cultural Foundation emphasized that this decision was unrelated to profitability.

While YouTube features the Korean version of NPR Tiny Desk and platforms like “It’s Live” showcase outstanding live band performances, there seems to be no replacement for OnStage in offering such diverse and non-commercial music.

Artists who graced the stage took to OnStage’s official Instagram to express gratitude. Some fans and artists lamented the loss of the dreamy platform. As one dream exits, the question arises: which stage will carry the next dream? OnStage departs, leaving behind a substantial task for the future.