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By Published On: 6 months ago

Actress Jeon So-min will be leaving SBS’s entertainment show ‘Running Man’ after six years.

On the 23rd, Jeon So-min’s agency, ‘King Kong by Starship,’ announced, “Jeon So-min will be departing from SBS’s ‘Running Man’ after her last recording on October 30 (Monday).” They further stated, “After lengthy discussions with the ‘Running Man’ members, production team, and her agency, it was decided that she needs some time for a brief recharge to show a better version of herself in her future activities.”

The ‘Running Man’ production team also released an official statement regarding Jeon So-min’s departure. They said, “After lengthy discussions with the ‘Running Man’ members and the production team, we have decided to respect Jeon So-min’s wish to leave the show. Although the members and production team had discussed ways to continue together for a long time, we respect Jeon So-min’s decision, leading to a regrettable farewell.”

They continued, “We express our deep gratitude to Jeon So-min, who has brightened the program even further during her time as a ‘Running Man’ member. We kindly ask the viewers to show their warm support and encouragement to Jeon So-min, who has made a difficult decision.”