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By Published On: 8 months ago

Actor Jeon So-min beautifully marked the final chapter of “Running Man.”

Actor Jeon So-min beautifully marked the final chapter of “Running Man.” The third Running Tour project, “Goodbye So-min,” commemorating Jeon So-min’s last recording, aired on SBS’s “Running Man” on the 12th. The tour, themed to evoke a butler and a housekeeper to accentuate her appearance, was filled with Jeon So-min’s preferences, adding significance to the occasion. The episode, showcasing memories of Jeon So-min’s approximately six years on the show, was emotional, resembling a film, and maintained its position as the top variety show in the 2049 ratings with 2.8% (Nielsen Korea, Seoul, household basis) for nine consecutive weeks. In a scene where Jeon So-min shed tears, the peak rating reached 5.3%, securing the highest 1-minute viewership, and the household rating recorded 4.6%, showcasing the powerful appeal of SBS’s flagship entertainment program.

Finally receiving a gift completed by members and staff, Jeon So-min couldn’t hold back tears. She expressed, “Appearing on variety shows has been a dream since I was young, and it was an honor to be able to be with the older brothers and sisters I saw in my dreams. I was very happy, joyful, and enjoyed it a lot while bringing laughter to the viewers. I love the ‘Running Man’ production team and members, and I ask for your continued interest. I will also show you good things in the future.”