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By Published On: 8 months ago

A Hot Combination’…BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Rising Star Lee Jeong-ha Join Yoo Jae-suk in Fixed Show ‘Apartment 404

BLACKPINK member Jennie and rookie actress Lee Jeong-ha are set to venture into a fixed variety show called ‘Apartment 404’ (working title).

An entertainment industry insider revealed on the 5th to Sports Chosun, “BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Lee Jeong-ha will be joining tvN’s new variety program ‘Apartment 404’.” The upcoming show, ‘Apartment 404,’ prepared by director Jung Cheol-min, is a real variety show set in an apartment complex, and it’s expected to showcase Jung Cheol-min’s unique style, as he has previously produced numerous “mission” programs.

Director Jung Cheol-min, known for leading the resurgence of ‘Running Man’ and one of the representative PDs, has successfully created series like ‘Six Sense’ and ‘Skip’ since his move to CJ ENM, earning support from viewers. Notably, he previously collaborated with Jennie in ‘Mi Choo Ri 8-1000,’ making the perfect pairing with Jennie anticipated. Fans are also excited to witness a completely new side of Jennie that hasn’t been seen through BLACKPINK’s activities alone.

Lee Jeong-ha rose to fame through Disney+’s ‘Moving’ and is considered a rising star. Meeting her first fixed variety show, fans are eager to see what kind of performance she will deliver. Since her debut in 2017, Lee Jeong-ha has gained recognition through web dramas, ‘Shinibsagwan Guhaeryung,’ ‘Run On,’ ‘Knowing But,’ and more. With the successful lead role in the 50 billion won blockbuster drama ‘Moving,’ she is an astonishing newcomer. Therefore, there is growing interest in how she will leave her mark on the variety show alongside Yoo Jae-suk and Cha Tae-hyun.

‘Apartment 404’ has already confirmed Yoo Jae-suk and Cha Tae-hyun as cast members. With the addition of Jennie and Lee Jeong-ha, viewers are curious about the synergy they will create.

The variety show, led by director Jung Cheol-min, Yoo Jae-suk, Cha Tae-hyun, and Lee Jeong-ha, is currently in the process of casting other guests. It is scheduled to air on tvN in the first half of next year.