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By Published On: 6 months ago

13 billion won to Fifty Fifty… ATTRAKT, lawsuit for damages in progress

ATTRAKT, represented by Jeon Hong-jun, is pursuing a damages lawsuit of 13 billion won against three former members of the girl group ‘Fifty Fifty,’ suspecting their involvement in the unfair termination of exclusive contracts related to Fifty Fifty. ATTRAKT has filed a civil lawsuit for damages against the former members, Saena, Sio, and Aran, as well as those actively involved in the alleged unfair termination, including THEGIVERS, Ahn Sung-il, Baek Jin-sil, and the parents of the three members. The claimed damages include compensation and penalties for the breach of exclusive contracts against the three members and claims for damages due to joint illegal acts against the parents and external service provider THEGIVERS and its representative Ahn Sung-il. ATTRAKT stated that the calculated damages and penalties amount to hundreds of billion won. The lawsuit, represented by Attorney Park Jae-hyun of Gwangjang Law Firm, is viewed as an essential opportunity to establish fair trade practices in the entertainment industry beyond a simple recovery of damages. The lawsuit comes after Four members of Fifty Fifty claimed contract termination in June, alleging that ATTRAKT failed to fulfill obligations such as providing settlement data and managing member health. In August, the court rejected the injunctive relief request. Kina, one of the members, returned to Attract in October and resumed activities under the name Fifty Fifty. ATTRAKTnotified the remaining three members of the contract termination.