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By Published On: February 28th, 2023

TRENDZ, Nearing 500 Million Views On TikTok, Showing They Are Unstoppable

As TRENDZ prepares for their March comeback, their hashtag #trendz on the video platform TikTok has surpassed 470 million views (as of 4 pm on the 23rd).

This impressive achievement, following their recent release of the single “BLUE SET Chapter. UNKNOWN CODE,” which reached a career high, is significant in that it is a record that TRENDZ has achieved about a year after their debut, and their unstoppable growth has penetrated global fandom.

Thanks to the love of their strong global fandom, TRENDZ is interacting with global fans with various contents on TikTok, from challenges to parodies of the movie “The First Slam Dunk,” and performance videos. Through the platform, TRENDZ displays a playful and mischievous charm in contrast to their intense, charismatic presence on stage.